Guacamole Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers



Yield 3



  1. Make a batch of guacamole, you can use any recipe you'd like - here's a link to my version.
  2. Wash your peppers and using a sharp knife with a small pointed edge, start to map out where you want the face to go and how you'd like it to look.
  3. I recommend making sure your pepper can actually sit up without falling first, then turning it till you find a side you like best. If it falls over when trying to make it stand - just level the bottom with a serrated knife.
  4. Make two triangles for the eyes and a half crescent shape for the base of the mouth. You can do cutouts for a tooth or complete it with a straight horizontal line for a normal smile. Do whatever you'd like, get creative!
  5. Once all the faces are cutout, gently remove the top of the peppers (making sure not to cut the face).
  6. Grab the center and twist up to remove the seeds, run it under water to remove any strays.
  7. Let those dry off and then grab your guacamole to start stuffing.
  8. I'd say each pepper can hold about 1 large avocados worth of guac. So be sure to make a little extra just in case.
  9. Fill each pepper, pressing lighting against the side where the face cutout is so a little can peak through.
  10. Place the tops back on and serve immediately.


I'd recommend prepping the peppers forehand and filling them just before serving, to avoid the guacamole turning brown. If you'd like to prep the guacamole ahead too, leave the pits for each avocado in the bowl with the guac and add a top layer of a little extra lemon juice. Also, if you really want it not to brown - add plastic wrap to the bowl but press it all the way into it so it's touching the top of the guacamole. Press down firmly to pack it down and press up the sides to get rid of any excess air.

Courses Seasonal, Appetizer

Cuisine Vegan, Gluten-free, Kid-friendly

Recipe by The Plant Philosophy at